Sanofi is a global pharmaceutical company that employs over 110,000 people worldwide. As part of their strategy for adapting to all the changes in the healthcare space they wanted their sales representatives and their sales teams to have greater agility. Pyramid Resource Group was hired to lead this initiative which involved training selected representatives as change agents and pairing them with Pyramid Coaches to work with each sales team.  Brent Brower as an associate of Pyramid was paired with 10 different change agents to team coach 10 different sales teams through a 6 months Team Advantage process.  Each Team Advantage process involved interviewing all of the 10-15 team members, conducting a 2 day workshop to establish and extraordinary team goal and game plan to achieve the goal, and 4 months follow on weekly coaching of the team and the team leader to achieve the goal. The process produced astounding results while building the leadership agility and change agility of the team.

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