Coaching Clinic

We also believe every manager can accelerate the development of their effectiveness in communicating with, leading and developing others by employing proven coaching skills. We provide coaching skill development programs for managers, leaders, and executives.

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The Coaching Clinic® is a two-day workshop for managers and leaders, which assists them in the strategic skill of coaching. It is a powerful yet pragmatic course that leverages case histories applicable to your business so managers can learn, practice and master Coaching skills.

Coaching is the most effective technology for bringing about the desire and will within individuals to make the shifts required to reach higher levels of contribution, accountability and performance. It is the skill of making people more aware of their own behavior so that they can function more effectively. And, since coaching allows employees to reach their own conclusions and to commit to action plans they create it provides truly sustainable motivation and results. Using this technology, our vision is to allow individuals to be a valued contributor to their organization, and in return feel fully developed and utilized by the organization.

The Coaching Clinic® Agenda

Day 1

Being a Coach

  • Developing a strong coaching definition
  • How to be a coach within an organization
  • What's included under the umbrella of coaching
  • Benefits of being coached

The Five Step Process of Coaching in the Work Place

  • Learning the structure of a productive coaching conversation
  • Recognizing "coachable moments"

The Tool Chest of Coaching Skills

  • Contextual Listening using the Context Chart
  • Discovery Questioning using thought-provoking questions
  • Laser Informing - educating, informing, and developing
  • Gap Bridging: The "zone" where coachable moments happen

Day 2

Defining your Personal Coaching Style and the Styles of Others using the Personal Coaching Styles Inventory®  (PCSI)

  • Managing effectively means quickly recognizing others' styles
  • Learn and practice coaching across styles

Advanced Coaching Skills

  • Truth Saying: It's the coach's job to be a truthsayer
  • Radical Requesting: Setting the stage for possibility thinking
  • Celebrating What Is: Coaching to acceptance and possible future perspectives

Case Scenarios: Practice using particular situations to stretch and optimize your skills

  • Practice with individuals, in groups and in teams
  • Debrief various important manager situations


Benefits of the Coaching Clinic®

  • Supports on-going, just-in-time continuous learning
  • Improves the effectiveness of recruitment, development, and retention of key employees
  • Enhances organization-wide communication
  • Develops employee competencies necessary for teamwork, leadership and high performance
  • Increases creativity
  • Enhances employee morale, loyalty and motivation
  • Supports diversity and provides mentoring
  • Builds a career self-reliant workforce
  • Maximizes the productivity of valuable human resources


Clinic Facilitator:

Brent Brower is the managing partner of HR-DNA. He is a Business and Personal Coach and Consultant with over 27 years of professional experience helping individuals and organizations achieve success and be their best. As a leader and coach, Brent has demonstrated his effectiveness in many settings including: Fortune 100 Corporations, Small Business, Entrepreneurial and Intrapreneurial, Technical, Church, and Community. Brent earned his MS in Engineering with a minor in Business and is a registered Professional Engineer who ascended through the ranks to be COO of a 2600-member engineering services firm. His strength is Coaching executives, professionals and managers in organizations to higher levels of individual contribution and team performance. Brent is a graduate of Corporate Coach University International (CCUI) and is President of the International Coach Federation Charlotte Area Chapter. He is a licensed facilitator of the CCUI Coaching Clinic®.