Our consultative approach is based on over fifteen years of business experience in team leadership, mergers & acquisitions, market development, strategic change initiatives and enterprise projects. HR-DNA specializes in three specific areas of organizational development.

Community Building

Corporate America has experienced a constant erosion in trust and loyalty in the past decade. Chronic downsizing, accounting fiascos, outrageous CEO wealth and corrupt ethics have all contributed to this downward spiral. More than ever, employees want to return to a strong sense of community. Research indicates that companies with clear & compelling missions and strong values are most desirous in the 21st century.

HR-DNA believes in the enduring virtues of building community. We help organizations practice what they preach relative to creating an internal sense of trust and respect.

Jump Start Leadership

New initiatives require visionary leadership. Without the right leadership in place during the early stages of a new venture, the odds of success are qreatly dimished. HR-DNA has a unique talent for providing early stage leadership that helps create the right conditions for long term success. We help employees, management and customers focus on the potential of the new initiative while assessing risks, implementing strategy and measuring results. We exponentially increase the odds of long term success by focusing on the formulative stages of operation.

Employer Branding

As illustrated below, one of the most significant issues organizations face today is a huge gap between the marketing promises they make to customers and the way they prepare their employees to deliver on that promise. This disconnect causes substantial brand damage because customers' expectations, often created by clever advertising, are not met when they interact with company employees. The result is a decrease in brand equity.


HR-DNA helps clients achieve organizational harmony by aligning all training and development resources with the spirit of the brand.  The resulting impact is brand clarity and strength.