We use primarily web-based tools to establish self-awareness in our client’s management, behavioral, and communication styles as well as their values. We often recommend 360 –degree multi-rater feedback tools as well to provide insight into how they are perceived by their managers, peers, top management, direct reports, and clients.

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Each individual that we coach has access to our extensive library of assessment tools to obtain critical self knowledge regarding their behavioral, management, leadership, and communication styles and preferences. Some of the tools available can also measure leadership and management competencies based on self ratings and ratings from others (managers, peers, direct reports, clients). These results can be analyzed for gaps between the various raters and against norms to establish personalized development plans. We work with our clients to customize an assessment program that fits their needs and augments any recent assessment work that has been performed. Examples of the assessment tools we would choose from include:

  • Hogan Leadership Forecast Series Assessments
  • Management Research Group (MRG) Leadership Effectiveness Analysis (LEA) 360 feedback assessment
  • DISC which indicates management and behavioral preferences
  • Personal Interests, Attitudes, and Values (PIAV)
  • Myers-Briggs Type Indicator
  • EQ Map which indicates emotional intelligence
  • Kolbe which indicates conative and instinctual strengths
  • Hermann Brain Dominance Indicator which indicates thinking style
  • Personal Coaching Style Indicator (PCSI) looks at communication style
  • Successful Career Planning looks at fit between job and behavioral preferences
  • Leadership Practices Inventory rates competencies versus norms for successful leaders and versus perceptions of other raters (360 degree multi-rater).

Coaching Services

Perhaps the most effective tool for accelerating executive and management development is coaching. Brent Brower, Managing Partner of HR-DNA, leads the firm's coaching practice, which includes a stable of highly effective and professionally trained executive coaches. HR-DNA coaches have expertise in financial services, technology, energy and manufacturing industries and experience across many functional disciplines. Our coaches collaborate with individuals to rapidly achieve agreed upon and measurable results.

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Today’s executives and managers are finding it more and more difficult to keep up with the pace of change in their business, technology, systems, and people. In many ways their personal development and the development of their people has taken the back seat to previously mentioned priorities. Couple this trend with the flattening of organizations to achieve operational efficiencies and managers find less time to personally coach their staff through business and professional development issues. This often results in executives, managers, and their staff falling short of their full potential to contribute to the bottom line.

The modern work environment, with fewer managers, also requires greater reliance on collaborative teams and relationships. Many times, especially in technical environments, team and relationship skills are under developed, resulting in diminished performance and missed opportunities.

Our Services are customized to augment internal resources and programs or tailored to fit the needs of our clients where internal resources are not present. These services include:

  • Individual Coaching for Executives, Entrepreneurs, Managers, and Professionals
  • Shadow Coaching (observing individual in their work environment)
  • Team Coaching
  • Professional Development Plans
  • Coaching Clinics
  • Coaching/Communication Styles Assessments and Training