Mitre Corporation is unique and highly technical organization that provides solutions for our nation’s toughest challenges in areas of national defense, cybersecurity, healthcare, financial systems, and air traffic control. They have over 8,000 employees dedicated to making our world a better place by serving many government agencies including the DoD, NSA, CIA, FBI, Health and Human Services, IRS, and FAA to name a few. Brent Brower and HR-DNA has been engaged with Mitre continuously since 2005 supporting their leadership development activities. Brent was the facilitator for the kick off of many LeadFirst Programs for mid-level leaders that included their 360 debrief and a 2 day Coaching Clinic workshop focused on how to use coaching skills as a leader. He also was an executive coach for 6 leaders participating in each of 8 Leadership Lab programs for senior leaders. He delivered the 2 day Coaching Clinic in each of the Leadership Lab programs as well. In addition he has conducted over 20 individual coaching assignments.  In total Brent coached over 68 leaders and taught coaching skills to over 1,000 leaders at Mitre.

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