YMCA of Greater Charlotte

Community Builders is the name of a new initiative the Charlotte Y has launched with the help of HR-DNA. The goal of the initiative is to provide training & development support for staff, board directors, members and volunteers to accomplish the Y mission of building strong communities.


Community Builders is an operating model for the Siskey YMCA District in Charlotte, which includes the Siskey, Johnston & Ballantyne branches.. Inspired by Clifton Taulbert and his critically acclaimed book Eight Habits of the Heart, Community Builders is a method of cultural growth within the Y and a focused plan for implementing the Y’s mission in the communities we serve.

The objectives of Community Builders are clear and compelling. Community Builders will:

  1. Serve as a guide for how the district “builds strong kids, strong families and strong communities”
  2. Provide training and development resources for all staff members, enabling their success in achieving the mission
  3. Connect all of the Y’s operating priorities into one performance plan
  4. Provide the framework from which the Y collaborates with other organizations (i.e. CMS, City of Charlotte, Queens University).
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